Saturday, September 8, 2012

Delonix Regia, Gul Mohr Tree

Delonix Regia
Delonix Regia belongs to the Fabaceae family and is known for its showy flowers. In fact, it is one of the most striking ornamental trees. Locally Delonix Regia is known as Gulmohar or Gul Mohr – ‘Gul’ means flower and ‘Mohr’ is ‘peacock’ – the name suggests spectacular show of colorful flowers just like flamboyant colors of a peacock. The tree justified its name. Gul Mohr, throughout the flowering season, displays beautiful splashes of crimson, orange, red and yellow flowers. When in full bloom, the entire tree is later covered with a canopy of fern-like feathery leaves. French mention Delonix Regia as feur de Paradis and Flamboyant.
Flowers Delonix Regia

Gul Mohr makes an excellent ornamental lawn tree because of its spectacular flowers and shady leaves. Usually Gul Mohr does not attain much height and grow to an average height of 12 meters but spreads widely – that is it makes a good shady tree. The seed pods are dark brown and are usually up to 60 cm long and 5 cm wide.
Fruit pod
Delonix Regia or Gul Mohr grows well in tropical or sub-tropical climate but can withstand drought and salty conditions too. Delonix Regia is an evergreen tree except in areas of long drought or extremely dry season.

Delonix regia leaves

Delonix Regia originally belongs to Madagascar from where it was taken to Mauritius and then to England from where its spread to most of the tropical countries.


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